Louis Vuitton celebrates their bicentennial birthday with Louis 200

EVERY story begins with a main character. The protagonist of this story is a man called Louis Vuitton, who was born today 200 years ago on August 4, 1821. Two centuries later, and the brand he founded is known in every corner of the world and is considered one of luxury’s pioneers.

So, to honour and celebrate the occasion, Louis Vuitton is launching a series of initiatives that highlight his spirit and character through various media initiatives and collaborations.

Louis 200 Trunk Louis Vuitton Trunk Label

Beginning this tribute, the French fashion house is unveiling creations in their shop windows across the globe that celebrate the talent of 200 creatives, friends of the brand and visionaries whom have come together to honour Monsieur Vuitton. Using the most emblematic object, the trunk, the task at hand was to reimagine the leather good. The recreations are meant to uphold the savoir-faire of the House and showcase the craftsmanship of the trunk, but each from a different perspective.

Peter Marino Trunk Louis 200

American architect Peter Marino’s interpretation of the Louis Vuitton Trunk

The starting point is a box measuring 50 x 50 x 100cm, mimicking the dimensions of the original trunk that was developed in the 1850s – a revolutionary design that changed the way people travelled. Exercising their ingenuity, those asked were given a carte blanche to create without limitation. Coming from far and wide, a common mindset was tapped into as shop windows have been given a make-over to celebrate the designer who started it all.

Nigo Louis Vuitton Trunk

Japanese designer Nigo’s interpretation of the Louis Vuitton Trunk

No birthday is without a gift, so Louis Vuitton is also pledging to donate €10,000 in the name and behalf of each visionary to one of fifteen non-profit organisations, giving away a total of 2 million euros. Helping those unable to have access to the arts in disadvantaged communities across the globe, the brand is helping those in 13 countries across five continents ensuring that people benefit from these celebrations.

Visual image director of Louis Vuitton, Faye McLeod proudly says, “We have never done windows like this before. There’s an exceptional energy that emanates from them – this constant flow of creativity. People will really sense the feeling of celebration.”

LV Louis 200 Game Louis 200 Game

LV Louis 200 Game Louis 200 Game – Vivienne

Another exciting launch is the Louis 200 app – a game starring the Louis Vuitton mascot Vivienne who travels across the world collecting as many Monogram candles as possible to reach new levels. A global leadership board allows players to compete across the world as well as locally with friends adding an element of unity to this fun app.

In true Louis Vuitton spirit, innovation is at the forefront of this game. Integrating the latest blockchain technology into the game, 30 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – 10 of which were created by digital contemporary artist Beeple.

It is time to say happy birthday to Louis Vuitton and let the celebrations commence.

by Imogen Clark